At Family Medicine Associates of Medina, our goal is to provide comprehensive medical care
for you and your family.  We have been serving Medina and the surrounding area with quality
medical care for over 30 years.  Family Medicine Associates is an independent, privately
owned primary care medical practice.  Our providers are board certified and work in conjunction
with our entire staff.  We provide timely, quality medical care and we accept most major
insurances.  We pride ourselves in delivering personalized, compassionate medical care.  We
believe that each family member plays an important part in their own health care.  The best
health care is achieved by good communication between you and your provider.  At Family
Medicine Associates of Medina, we believe that the patient is a key member of the health care
team.  Feel free to ask questions or express concerns regarding procedures, diagnoses, costs,
or treatment plans.  We look forward to working with you.

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